Patient Advocacy and Customer Service are integrated with all areas of GPA, keeping your benefits beneficial with real-time assistance and responsive service.


Experienced, personable receptionists answer every call

Calls are answered in an average of 30 seconds

Multi-lingual representatives are available

Our priority paging system ensures fast response for emergencies

We provide claims status verification through email and FaxBack

It’s easy to check claims status and contact Customer Service. Customer Service can be reached through the employee online portal, our mobile app, email or FaxBack.


GPA’s patient advocacy program assists the patient in understanding their health benefits (deductible, coinsurance, etc.) and facilitates necessary information to process claims. Patient Advocates reach out to members on a regular basis to ensure they understand health benefits associated with an inpatient stay as well as next steps.

As guides through the healthcare process, Patient Advocates ease anxiety, address concerns and eliminate frustration for a positive, productive healthcare experience. Patient Advocates also triage for Care Management intervention.


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